Submit Your Story!

This program is discontinued. There’s Story World now, bruh.

Got a story you want to share with Seen players across the world? You can now submit your very own stories to us. Who knows? Your story might get featured in the next update of Seen!

After you have made your sweet, new story. To submit it, send the exported ZIP file of your story to [email protected] along with a short introduction of you, the author, and the story itself. You may submit multiple stories anytime you want. Your story will be accepted as a submission provided that:

  • The story plot, pictures, and any other content within are not sexual, violent, gory, promoting hatred, adult-oriented, and mature in any way.
  • There is at least one chapter and one chat buddy.
  • All chapters have at least 100 messages.
  • All chapters have at least 75 minimum visible messages.*
  • It was last saved using the latest version of Seen.
  • There are no messages that have no actions and no choices.
  • The story.xml file, if edited, is not tampered in order to make the game crash.
  • The story.xml file, if edited, is modified solely for the purpose of using features not yet available in the Story Maker (e.g. Real Talk mode, global variables).
  • The names, pictures, plot, and content used do not infringe copyright.
  • The author name is the name of the real creator or group.
  • It is complete and it’s what you intend it to be.**
  • It is in English.

*Visible messages are the ones that get shown to the player. This becomes a considered rule only if your story uses actions that manipulate the order of messages shown (e.g. SKIPTO Then/Else Statement).

**Your story may be subject to changes if we ever find some things that need some fixing.

If accepted, we will play and review your story. If not, we will tell you the issues we have found so that you can fix it and resend it to us. We will select 1-3 stories to be featured on Seen 1.1.

What makes a story great is all up to you. We’re excited to see what you want to show to the world.

Good luck and happy writing!