Finally, after almost 2 years since the Play Store release, the App Store version has just been released! I apologize for the very, very long delays. I am really going to get this “coming soon” habit off and deliver on time. Well, now that it’s summer here and I […]

Seen is out on App Store!

Introduction Welcome to the official Story Maker tutorials! We’re going to take this step-by-step, from the basics and fundamental concepts all the way to manipulating story flow with Actions. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn all about the basic elements and properties of a story such as chapters, messages, […]

Story Maker Tutorial #1 – Basics

It’s been so long since I last posted on this website and made updates. I’ve been receiving questions about the iOS port, the sequel, The Letter, and more. For the past several months, time management has been really tough for me, making me dedicate little to no time to game development […]

Where Have I Been?

EDIT: Seen 1.0.7 is coming out on September 25.   It’s been weeks since the last update. Don’t worry, the project is not abandoned, but something is preventing me from developing an update: hardware. Everyday, I code on a lame, slow, old ass laptop. Compiling the game, which is becoming bigger than […]

Where is Seen 1.0.7?

The latest version of Seen is out! Here are the new features you can find in Seen 1.0.5: A new shop item is added that grants you the power to rename Nicole and Valerie Tyler! Due to popular demand, Nicole Tyler and her mother can now be renamed! May all […]

Seen 1.0.5 Out Now!