Polychroma Logo with Text

Polychroma Games is an independent game studio seeking to explore and push the envelope of story in play. Our team believes that video games hold awesome potential as a medium of storytelling. We entwine the interactivity of play and the power of stories into one.

Mickole Klein Nulud – Director, Writer, Programmer, Tech Artist 

Pineapples on pizza and mint ice cream. I don’t want bones in my burger. Loves computers ’cause beep boop.

Dominique Duran – Art Director 

Sad extrovert alone at home. Failed to keep her cacti alive. Replaced them with fake plants. Now those are dead too.

Kyle Patrick Naval – Composer, Sound Designer

My dogs are the best and I love them so much. I also have a passion for creating my own music.

Harold Pongco – Co-writer

Likes to hustle. Binge reader. I use “mingmingmingming” not “swswswswswsw” when I call my cat.