Polychroma Logo with Text

Polychroma Games is a small indie game studio born in the Philippines on January 2016. Polychroma is derived from two words: poly (many) and chroma (color). That doesn’t mean we make colorful games, but we are passionate about making games that deliver unique yet colorful experiences to the players. Seen is our first game.

“An indie game studio powered by a hamster and some magic fairy dust”


Mickole Klein Nulud – Founder, Lead Developer  

17 years old. I love coding, games, computers, robots, and everything else related to technology. I’m an audio and music enthusiast and buy lots of IEMs, DACs, vinyl records, and other stuff. In my spare time, I write surreal short stories, study French, tinker with graphics APIs, hide ban buttons, dump Limerantism and Tragedology, and eat pizza.


Matthew Lemuel Rey – Junior Developer  

16 years old. I have lots of interests ranging from games, history, programming, computers, electronics, robotics and internet. I also dabble in music and guitar occasionally and in photography and editing. Currently learning Java and Adobe Software like Ps and Ae. I spend most of my free time watching YouTube or Twitch to learn something or just entertain myself.


Alyssa Louise Samsuya – Public Relations

Joshwa Ordoñez – Project Manager