Polychroma Logo with Text

Polychroma Games is a small indie game studio born in the Philippines on January 2016. Polychroma is derived from two words: poly (many) and chroma (color). That doesn’t mean we make colorful games, but we are passionate about making games that deliver unique experiences to the players.

“An indie game studio powered by a hamster and some magic fairy dust”


Mickole Klein Nulud – Founder, Lead Developer

18 years old. I am extremely passionate about programming and making ideas come into life. Computers are my one true love. Tinkering with them brings joy within me. And yes, I like pineapples on pizza. Currently trying to stay away from deus ex machinas from now on.


Matthew Lemuel Rey – Junior Developer

17 years old. I have lots of interests ranging from games, history, programming, computers, electronics, robotics and internet. I also dabble in music and guitar occasionally and in photography and editing.


Sharlene Yap – Artist 

19 years old. Watermelons are the best. They’re the greatest. It is the most beautiful of all fruits — a healthy, low-calorie, and juicy addition to your every day diet. I also draw sometimes.


Samuel Kirby Aguilar – Junior Developer

19 years old. Story writer. Words guy. Narrative director.


King Arthur Santos – Composer 

17 years old. I make music, I think.