Polychroma Logo with Text

Polychroma Games is a small indie game studio born in the Philippines in January 2016. Polychroma is derived from two words: poly (many) and chroma (color). We are currently working on Until Then.

“An indie game studio powered by a hamster and some magic fairy dust”


Mickole Klein Nulud – Developer, Director, Writer, Tech Artist

19 years old. Pineapples on pizza and mint ice cream rule. I don’t want bones in my burger. Loves computers ’cause beep boop. Get me out of college.


Sharlene Yap РArt Director, Illustrator 

20 years old. Likes cute things, makes cute things! Farts glitter.


Kiros Chua – Artist

999 years old. Interior design and pixel art fledgling. Can become a bread.


Sharmaine Gaw – Artist

19 years old. Softie with a mild case of RBF. Loves cats and has a penchant for drawing, knitting, and reading. Hi!


Kyle Patrick Naval – Composer, Sound Designer

20 years old. My dogs are the best and I love them so much. I also have a passion for creating my own music.


Harold Pongco – Co-writer

20 years old. Likes to hustle. Binge reader. I use “mingmingmingming” not “swswswswswsw” when I call my cat.