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Hey there, it’s been a year since we last posted here. Where have I been? Last year, I was studying 3D game development and developing Seen: The Letter. I was dreaming of making it a game I really want it to be. Then by the new year came, I had this epiphany that I might have leaped too far, and indeed, I did, which is why I sent this message to the Discord community.


Okay here we go. I hate to say this but I’m really, really bad with release dates. The Letter is a fantastic journey to develop right from the start since it’s my first fully fledged 3D game, well, at least it could’ve been. As progress went by, I was really fascinated by the visual style (shared some dev screenshots on social media). I got Hooked, no pun intended. It seems all so easy until college came. Man, this is indeed a dramatic shift from high school. You’re gonna get kicked in the balls if you don’t pursue. I don’t know how college works out there, but in here considering I’m in the country’s premier state university, it’s damn tough.


I brought my PC along with me so I could continue working on it. And yeah, college slowly ate up the time I had for The Letter. I underestimated this project way too much. It’s big. It’s ambitious. But under my circumstances, it’s simply not going to work. I still have time for dev actually, but developing a big 3D game is gonna need a miraculous amount of time.


Eventually, the progress I put into it decreased over time, until poof. Few months after, I started on a new niche app project under a different name I founded with my colleague. Right now, the thing’s seeing potential and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me. I figured out that sticking to apps is more reasonable with the time I have at hand. I know The Letter’s gone through innumerable delays and promises I never got to keep, and yes, I’m quite disappointed with myself. I’m really sorry for letting you all down. And from now on, no more definite release dates will ever be mentioned.


So now that I figured out that apps are the way to go right now, I want to see this community flourish. I want to see authors make better stories faster and easier, with more tools at their disposal. I want to make chat stories a revolutionary medium of storytelling without having to pay for it. I want to make authors earn as they deserve it for their hard work.


This is Story World Web (not its final name). I could still fit in developing such a web app to my hectic schedule. But as promised, I can’t give you a date. I’ve got 3 more projects before I start working on this, but I can’t wait to start. The first two are niche projects for this other company we founded.


And the third one? It’s a game (2D, not as ambitious, not as big) that may or may not be finished this year. This time I’ve got my newfound friends to help. I met an artist, a writer, and a music guy until we came up with this 2-hour experience story game. With four projects for 2019, I can only imagine my social life nearing its inevitable death.


Again, I apologize for all the promises I didn’t get to keep. Take all of my project announcements with a grain of salt as I can no longer promise anything. Anything can happen.  Rest assured I will do my very best and keep my plans at a reasonable, sufficient level without sacrificing quality. I’m looking forward to come back here again with a complete product that you guys can enjoy. I’ll (try my very, very best to) make it happen. And when that time comes, I wish you’re all still here.


Thank you, for everything.


As I said, anything can happen, and indeed, things happened. Change happened, and you made it possible. A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of planning for my next project (not a game) and then, for some reason, I opened my Reddit private messages dating back to a few years ago. I felt the emotions Seen made you feel. It’s been a long time since I read such touching comments about my work, and I truly appreciate them. I had yet another epiphany that perhaps this is where I really belong. Upon deeply thinking about it for a day, that’s it, I made up my mind. I shall return.

Upon learning from my mistakes, as mentioned, there will be no definite release date, but I’m eager to get this out as soon as possible. Let’s make the best platform community for interactive chat stories!

Thank you, again, for everything. I’ll be back.

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