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Story World Beta has been released and open to public, and I have to admit, it wasn’t that much of a successful launch. As a newbie to server-client programming, I had to label it “Beta” until I master this complex part of development that I still have to hone.

Now that a patch is recently published, the registration bug has been resolved. However, there’s another problem: most players who got an error upon signing up with the last update (1.0.7) want to claim the author name they used in the first place. Turns out, it was a server-side error and was just fixed a few moments ago.

For the players who want to claim their first, original account, firstly let me explain what happened. You’ve already signed up and your account already exists as the errors suggest, but the password recovery thingy failed to work which brings up “An error occurred”. And when you tap Register once more, it says errors about account or author name being existent because it does exist, it’s just not accessible. The only solution is to reset your password.

Please type in your email address under the Story World tab and tap “Recover password”. You should be able to change your password and finally log in. If that didn’t help, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Story World Account Reset”. Specify the email and author name used. I’ll delete your account for you so that you can sign up again.

I’d like to give my apologies to those who experienced these beta bugs. And if you happen to come across a bug, don’t hesitate to contact us. More patches coming for Story World coming up!


On the good side of things, “The Letter”, the prequel of Seen, will start development next month as well as the long-awaited iOS port. Seen is also going to be translated into different languages soon (e.g. Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Filipino, etc.).

Happy writing, playing, and publishing!

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51 thoughts on “Seen (and some announcements)

  • Dragowar

    Great job man! Love your work! It’s amazing you’re the only one working for this game. Seen is itself an excellent and a wonderful game, but with the Story World, it just got amazing. Would love to know more about “the letter” project. Anyways, good luck man. Please don’t stop making the awesome content.

  • Arceus

    Heiyo, Arc here, oh~ sweet! “The letter” project seems very interesting. Also, it’s okay since it’s a beta version. Some errors and troubleshooting is to be expected. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep supporting Seen and spread the awesome words about it. 😀
    “Leaning doesn’t stop here so keep on going!”
    Looking forward for new features and news about your programming life. 😀

  • Johannes

    Hey, Thanks a lot for this really amazing game.
    First let me say the story is just amazing, You tell it that sensetive. Thanks!
    But the best is the Story Maker: I was really perplexed about that much possibilities. Wow. I’m a programmer myself and I know how much work you must have invested in this project.
    Also the Possibility to share own stories via Story world is awesome. But I think you will need a good idea how to deal with explicit sexual stories in the future. I think there are a lot of people interested in stories with that kind of content 😉 but of course not every child scrolling trough “Story World” should get this stories. Just a thought to think about…
    By the way: If you should need help with german translations, just contact me.

    So, have a nice day and go on with that project.

      • TheKidFromFP

        Hi Polychroma Games! I have to say the app is very good although sometimes it can be boring. Can I have a permission to use Nicole Tyler’s first name (just the Nicole) for a mutant character that I might add in my fanfic? If I decided not to add the character, then the permission will expire. This is for a tribute to Seen. Thank you! Sorry for grammar errors.

        TheKidFromAsia 13/TheKidFromFP

        YouTube: TheKidFromAsia 13
        Instagram: archbaldmatthew3
        Quotev: TheKidFromFP
        Wattpad: TheKidFromFP
        FanFiction.Net: TheKidFromFP

    • Adopted Cowbell

      I disagree with your statement about sexual stories, Johannes. They should be allowed because there is nothing wrong about sex – it’s a natural part of life. My suggestion is that you implement a safety filter for kids below 13.

      I do believe that pornographical content should be considered “against the rules” as it’s more intense than “natural sex”.

      That is my two cents on this subject.

  • Mollie Webb

    The game will be translated into portuguese? If so, that’s nice.
    If it’s a no, I want to try, if possible! :^)
    Also, keep the good work! I’m doing my own novel with this and it’s pretty easy and awesome! :^D

  • Scott


    I have always the same problem. I can’t get coins. I have a red message : Please try again later.
    Why I can’t get more coins ?


  • Azrock (Augustin)

    I am one of your biggest fans. I’ve been waiting for the iOS version for’this whole month and I can’t wait to play this game. Just don’t stop your amazing work, cause you’re doing amazing things.

  • amp

    I’m not rushing you or anything but Seen continuation should come out as soon as possible cause the stories in beta are freaking shit. and I really wanted to play some stories that is good and have foundation.

  • ichigop3p

    is there a tutorial for story maker? because when i tap the faq or tutorial in the story maker i see a list of questions but if i tap one of those i always get an error that there is a missing file. . .pls help i want to make a story. . .

  • Ods

    Hi, I absolutely love your game, but I have to admit it’s kind of hard to write my own story because I’m French, and I don’t speak fluently english yet so I’m really excited that the game is translated in French
    Thanks again for this adictive game 🙂

  • Denzie

    Hi! I’m havimg trouble putting a narration message (the one w black background) and the notif messg(i dont know what its called). I cant find it on the tutorial you provided in the app, maybe there’s a much complex tutorial you can link. I enjoy the game so much. Keep up the good work 🙂 hope u reply 🙂

  • l33t

    Polychroma Games, can you please take off the 12 hour limit to revise/delete/publish? I make stories quickly and also revise quickly. Otherwise, great game!

  • ZeeDiddle

    Hello there! I’m so excited to download new stories! I was very excited to make a story of my own but every time I go to add a new chapter to my story, it says I need to add a chat buddy though i already have one added. It was doing that before the game was updated in September I thought maybe the update would fix it but it didn’t 🙁 I re-download the game multiple times but it’s still doing it.

  • bloodkingBK

    “Seen estimated features for or”

    -Able to make a story/code on the computer/laptop and able to send the story to your device or to where all the stories are been placed so everyone can access

    -Paid Edition( e.g. ads removed, special features, micro-transactions removed, etc.)

    -More customization of the user account you have created

    -Bug fixes (usual stuff)

    -UI Design Change

    -Advanced searching (for stories)

    -More customization of the stories

    -Able to change the design layouts

    -Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    -New type of code been added that is more easy to understand

    -Able to send GIF or JIF via chat or pictures/videos

    -Uses your devices keyboard instead of the keyboard that seen app provides.

    -Animation changed when the chat buddy receives the message

    -Able to copy and paste via chat (Ai mode)

    -Text to speech

    -More features to buy when using the coins

    -Able to create a friends list

    -Group coding (working together in a team to make the story)

    -Chat system

    -Tutorial on how to make a story

    Is it possible to get this game on the computer because the coding is very difficult when making the stories on a phone screen, the fact that most people have small phones with small screens and it would be more easier and faster to produce stories for people who enjoy reading them and for the people who want to produce the story on a dead line.

    To be more creative as an idea or a feature to add in the future you can log in to the website area where you get the stories and if you log in on the phone app and to the website you can send the stories direct to you the device or phone with out downloading to your PC the transferring it to your device via wire. Also both devices need to be on a network to be able to send the story to your device. Or you have to use a code that is queue to be able to send the stories.

    Btw i’m just a user that likes your game:)

  • KKK

    Hi Dev! Good job in making this heartbreaking yet wonderful game. I fell in love with Nicole. The ending is sad. Can you add a diff. ending? Or is it in the sequel?

    I liked the next update that it will have a translation to Filipino! I (I’m a Filipino BTW) I’m expecting a lot from the sequel. Hope it will be successful.

    More power dev!

  • Andrea

    I’m Italian and I really suggest not translate Seen into languages different from English. The English language make this beautiful more appealing to foreign people that are still learning English. It’s like I am to watch Game of Thrones but I decide to watch it in English ’cause dubbing is so sad. English gives more emotions to me.

  • Devin

    Is there going to be the sequel of Seen to where we continue where we left off? Sure people made their own but I’d love to see the canon owner made version that we are all waiting for

  • TheKidFromFP

    Hi Polychroma Games! I have to say the game/app is awesome even though sometimes it can be boring. Well, I really like it. Umm… This letter is about permission to use Nicole Tyler’s first name (just the Nicole) for a mutant character in my fanfic (if just in case I can’t add the character, well… then the permission is expired. Sorry if my English is bad and for grammar errors). The reason I want to use the name because I want to make some kind of tribute to the game. Is it okay if I add some references to Seen in my fanfic? By the way, my fanfic is called “Overwatch: Web of Spider-Man” and it’s on Quotev and Wattpad (I’m still amateur so, yeah… I’m not good at writing stories because of some stuffs related to writing). Thanks Polychroma!

    TheKidFromAsia 13/TheKidFromFP
    YouTube: TheKidFromAsia 13
    Instagram: archbaldmatthew3
    Quotev: TheKidFromFP
    Wattpad: TheKidFromFP
    FanFiction.Net: TheKidFromFP

    (I’m a fan of Spider-Man, the Avengers, Overwatch (I don’t play the game, I just love the characters and the animated shorts), Ultraman (not DC’s but Tsuburaya’s), Transformers, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and DC Extended Universe)

  • Jericho Songalia

    It’s been ten months since I’m here waiting for the full sequel… Please don’t stop developing new stories…

  • Rebecca

    Would you ever consider releasing Seen as a computer application? It would be so much easier to create and share stories if it were usable on a laptop. Even a web app would work! I’ve tried using an emulator but it runs really slowly and it lags a lot which makes the story-making process just as slow as on my phone.

    Thank you so much for the incredible game!

  • Gabriel

    Hello, game creators, I think I liked the game a lot. There is only one problem. I wanted the game to have been translated into Brazilian Portuguese and some new update. Because a lot of Brazilians liked it, they do not know how to speak English and I came and asked you . When I see the new future update in Portuguese I go from all stars to the maximum. Many thanks for having received the message Bye.

  • Happy or sad captin

    Will love your game I would like to reset my story world account please and keep up the good work and you will accomplish anything