Where is Seen 1.0.7? 241

EDIT: Seen 1.0.7 is coming out on September 25.


It’s been weeks since the last update. Don’t worry, the project is not abandoned, but something is preventing me from developing an update: hardware. Everyday, I code on a lame, slow, old ass laptop. Compiling the game, which is becoming bigger than ever, takes 20-30 minutes. No one’s got time to waste that much time. Fortunately, I’m saving up for an SSD that will hopefully speed up the process then the development for the next update will begin.

Enough hardware rant, let’s talk about the plans I’ve got for the next update. But before that, I am proud to announce that Seen for Windows, Mac, and Linux is currently in development. It will include additional features that will make the story more immersive (some voice acting, background sound, and more). More info about features, release date, and pricing on itch.io soon.

Seen 1.0.7 will feature what you’ve all been waiting for: Seen Story World. Soon, you will be able to share your stories with the world and you will be able to play stories from writers around the world! It will be temporarily featured as a public beta with limited slots so make sure to sign up as fast as you can. And of course, 1.0.7 is going to have performance optimizations, bug fixes, and crash fixes.

How about more tools for Story Maker, Story Maker video tutorials, more stories, etc.? Never worry, within the next updates, all of that and others unmentioned will be a reality. Anyway, I hope you’re all excited for what’s coming up. See you in the next update!

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241 thoughts on “Where is Seen 1.0.7?

  • Vid's

    Hello is there like a place to post suggestions for the game? Becouse I could not find it… Also there is only one person working on the game?(Sorry if it was rude to ask that)

  • Aish

    Also, this app is amazing, considering how only one person is developing it. I’ve always had this idea in mind, and I’m so glad something like this is finally introduced in the gaming world! <3

  • Eve

    Do you know a rough date for the release? I’m not trying to rush you or anything I was just curious so ai could have a rough countdown because I am super excited!

  • TotallyNotMike

    The App is just… amazing, never seen something like this on Android also I’d love to see some tutorials for Story Maker. c:

  • YonakaHouseki

    I played it, and it’s awesome… but yeah and you should update it with more coins every chapter finish.. not only the player’s gender is male… it’s unfair, you should make a girl version for girl players. 🙂
    please reply. 🙂

    • Katrina

      I agree about adding the updates but I think it’s understandable that there’s only a guy character for this story because if you need to change genders, every part of the story has to change. From how the you talk to the ‘guy’, how the ‘guy’ talks to you, how the ‘guy’ rejects the ‘cheating girl’, how the ‘guy’ goes into rejection after the confession and etc. So I think if you want a girl’s play, you gotta make a story yourself. But hey, if you make one, you can submit it to the developer and if it’s good, it can be added to the app. Way cooler than just getting to play the story in the girl’s pov 😀 And please don’t expect replies from the developer… Could be busy ya know

  • Nurul Balqis

    Mhmm. Intresting. I’m 16 (well barely.. xD)and I have yet achieved anything that I could be proud of. But you.. You manage to make this awesome app that I seriously enjoy ! Your idea of ‘sharing my story’ and ‘playing other people stories’ do sound intresting to me~ Can’t wait for the update~

    Can I ask you something though ? Is coding hard ? Lately, I’ve been intrested in computer, games and all those stuff and I can’t really find anyone to ask this question too ! Lol. I’m rambling. xD Do tell me though~

    • Olivier Arslan

      Coding an app is really easy to do, you can even find short YouTube tutorials for making a basic app.

      But the app this guy has built is slightly more difficult than the average app. Even though it is graphically basic, the app needs to process your answers and give you specific answers based on the choices you’ve made from the beginning.

      If you’re interested there are tons of websites where you can learn Java Andrpid, webdesign and web languages.

      Good luck

      • Nurul Balqis

        Thank you for your answers ! My family are basically consists of teachers or doctors. So when I ask them about this thing, they kinda freaked out. Lol. It’s not like they don’t support me, they were just… shocked, I guess ?

        Since it looks really basic, I thought it was easy. Guess I was wrong. I am definitely going to surf the internet so I can find more of these JavaAndroid(?) , webdesigns and weblanguages you’re talking about.

        Thanks again !

  • Kristine Jade

    Hello! I just would like to congratulate you om your awesoe game! I’ve had this idea for a very very long time and I couldn’t figure out how a non-IT girl like me could do it haha. But now I am verry happy that someone finally made it! Thank you so much.
    Though I have a question with the story maker faqs. When I click on a question, should I be directed to a document? Because it always states that the file is no longer available something like that. I couldn’t start creating a story if le questions can’t be answered xD

    • Polychroma Games Post author

      Hello Kristine, about the Story Maker, yes, you should be directed to a document. Anyway, thank you for your very kind words, I appreciate it!

    • Arceus

      If you’re capable of going inside the apk(not install) by opening it as archive, you can see it in Seen.apk>assets>maker_help. There lies the list of HTMLs which are the documents you were saying. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Djvanx

    This story is amazing, the ending made me cry,and i really really really want there to be a seen 2,were Nicole gets her memory back (at least the stuff about mark) it would make me a lot more satisfied with the ending. Please reply :3

  • Bruce solo

    wow i’m living this story with Nicole ! 🙂 , i really love it so amazing , can you guys make it a movie or Interactive movie (Video game genre) ?? it’s gonna be awesome , hope you guys all the success

  • Jonathan

    Esta app me sumergió en un estado “depresivo”. Mi experiencia amorosa fue muy tensa, no fue una gran cosa, pero sí me afectó demasiado: recordarla en cada respuesta del personaje, ese temor de que todo cambie, de que todo no vuelva a ser, de que la lastimen… Fue tan real la primera vez que lo jugué, que tenía la necesidad de llorar, me hizo un gran nudo en la garganta… Claro, con la opción de colocar mi nombre y una foto de ella, me hizo creer que hablaba con ella directamente… La verdad, cada vez que lo juego, el capítulo final siempre me conmueve. Lo juego una y otra vez, imaginándome su voz, su rostro; cada respuesta que da es tan acorde a ella (al menos como yo quisiera que hubiese sido…). ¡Es sorprendente esta app! ¡No veo la hora de poder crear mi historia! Definitivamente ésto era lo que necesitaba. Ahora no sé porqué me siento tan bien con ella, aunque ella no lo esté… En fin. Gracias por esto. Es de lo mejor.

  • Cave

    Is there someway to make “Seen” less battery consuming? My mobile is getting really really really hot, while playin’, too.
    I will definitively get “Seen” for PC too, if it’s not to expensive ^^

  • ichigo

    thank you very much! for this awesome app. . .it has a potential to be a very popular. . .i hope there will be more awesome updates. . .

  • Corne Vos

    Loved it! But there was like one part where you could choose out of 3 awnsers and I personally think that, that was a bit strange is a way but, besides that is was amazing! Very well done! I did the one story in one day, felt kinda addicted haha. Is there already a place where people share their own stories because I would love to “read” more of them!

    Thanks for making the app, you got yourselfs a new fan 😀

    • Monica

      And I also loved your app, this is awesome. It’s so cool on how you could make a story like this, at first I was so confused about the process but I kinda get it now and I become engrossed into making a story. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the updates 😀

  • Pete

    Hey dude, just dropping by to say how awesome your game is. Its an amazing story that left me with the feels even up to the following days, and as a fellow programmer, I can more appreciate the fact that you’re a one-man team. Keep up the good work dude!

    P.S. If you ever need help with stuff I’d be willing
    P.P.S. where can I sign up for the Beta? xD

  • Mitch

    Looks like a really cool app, but whenever I try to make a story or do the story mode the app crashes. Really hard considering how great this app looks…

  • Jose Diego Tingzon

    Considering that there is only 1 developer for this App, it’s quite fun 🙂 . Right now, I wanna create a story but there is a certain bug. I can’t create a chapter cause it’s saying that I should fill every information. I’ve filled every information but I can’t change the date. I already have some greate ideas and stories I wanna share.

  • Zahid

    As, starter Youtuber, I can see this game can be popular in just seconds. Love everything about it. feels like you are there texting that person! Anyways, don’t give up on this project/app! Keep going and you’ll succeed! 🙂

  • jwright159

    This game is really nice! I’m gonna make my own story. The Story Maker is laid out perfectly. If you aren’t already planning on doing it, could you include the files for the original stories so we can use them as examples? XML is not my strong suit…
    (Also, I hate to ask, but how can I sign up for the beta?)

  • Dakota

    I really like this app. It was very fun. I have high hopes for future updates and I think this will be a success! Also, I’m glad the “annie96 is typing…” chat was added in. This was the first time I’ve ever read about it. It was… creepy. But a good feature.

  • Aleyii

    Hi I really love your game so much. I have a question. In this new update will there be customized setting like how the girl and boy went to the park? And also, will you add the action that makes it seem like you do something. Like for example when the boy wiped the mustard off the girl’s mouth.

    Will there be an action, action?

  • Bella

    I’m a big fan of the game now! Even became a bigger fan when I learned that it’s just 1 person (you) who developed the game. I am currently saving up coins for story maker and I hope I can contribute stories through it. I also would like more stories of different genres on the game.

    One thing I would like to suggest though is an option to “auto-write” the character’s dialogues/texts. Maybe add it in the shop for.. say 150-200 coins? It gets tiring after sometime (yes I have played it more than 3 times to get different endings). Again I love the game and I can’t wait for the update!

  • DJLP

    Hey, polychroma! I’ve been really addicted with this app and I’m pleased to tell you that I am currently making a very “feels” story. Hopefully if I can convince my friends it would be finished by 1 to 1 1/2 months after the release of the latest update 1.0.7. You are a genius! Please don’t get tired of updating this app. It’s too good.

  • Joana

    Hi! I want to tell you that I think you’re brilliant! The idea for this game is truly genius. It’s impressive that you’re the only one in the development team at the moment. The options are, indeed, limitless, and this app has so much potential. I’m very excited for you and for Seen. Honestly, I can’t wait for the next update. I’m sure that very talented players will come up with amazing stories for us all.
    Also, I loved your story with Nicole 🙂

  • FarisGamers

    Can’t wait for the update, the app itself is pretty awesome, but it kinda boring without anymore stories, so cant wait for the sumbit thing to come out, im depending on you

  • Like

    Hope you will get to update the apk quickly and I want like nicole and Mark get together and she will remember everything in the past

  • Zach

    I played the game and i lived it i jyst hoped he could make it longer the story is sad….. but its the best game i ever played in my life so thx for that

  • Ciksi

    Oh my gosh this is so good.
    Mister, you earned all my respect. The story is so perfect, I beg you to make another one, or a second part of this one!

  • Aldrich

    Hi, BIG fan of Seen
    I’m just wondering does the story maker mode lets you play other stories like for example another player made a story and I want to play that story, is there a way to play His/her story?
    If I can’t do that I’m story maker mode, where and how can I get another story to play?

    PLS reply ASAP 🙁

  • Kurt

    Hey man. Just want to say this is a great game… Ive played the game 3 times and ive only come across 2 ending(spoiler alert if you haven’t played yet) at tje Park where mark says no and at the end where nic loses her memory. I just want to know if there are other endings or if it is just those 2 at the moment? I love this game and I’ve searching for something like this for so long, I really want to know if there are other endings.


  • Niks Šķērsts

    Wait this story was made by a 15 year old? This is impressive.(app is good too :P)
    But also sad that one 15 year old developer could just destroy most of the companies and developers on Google play in terms of app quality.

  • Tim's

    Just finished the main story, but I can’t access “annie96 is typing” (btw I have purchased it already). And also I tried to gain coins by watching a video or answering a survey but I’m unable to (and yes I have an internet connection and it’s stable). Anyways love the game, It even made my classmates to download it and are expecting it to be released in itunes (cause apple) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • DaveT

    Well, I want to ask something here. Maybe this isn’t the right place to ask. But I don’t know where else to ask.
    How can I make the blank screen that written, for example “one week later”)?
    And how can I make something like when they are in the park. For example: in the top of the screen written “Nicole is holding your hand”?
    Thank you for your attention

    • Mitch

      For the faded screen try the Action “If=true” and “Then=FADE_MSG” and for the top of the screen message “if=true” “then=SHOW_SNACK”. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Lucas Borges

    This is the best game I’ve ever seen, it’s really cool and only one person is developing it, I can’t even magine how hard it was to do this. Just amazing. I’m sorry if this function already exists but i didn’t see it, but i have a suggestion: One place that we could download other game histories and share ours, when you find a new computer you should think about it to do an update including this!

  • Darklight

    Just completed the game… The story was literally amazing. Also played through the creepy chat, its cool though I have seen it before. I REALLY hope there will be sequel to the Nicole story because the ending was not that satisfying. Or at least another story like that.
    I wanna say it again- the story is amazing, hearttouching and unforgettable. Great work

  • Kaiyi

    I might need some help for the story maker… I am having issues with the FAQ – the (i) icon. Whenever I try to read one of the tutorials, I get an error message saying thr file is not found. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • Jerod

    Hello, great job on seen btw, really enjoyed it even though the ending made me cry…
    Do you plan on adding more stories??
    Make one where Nicole gains her memory back?
    Or even a story that continues what happened to Nicole??

    Not rushing you or anything just wanna know.

  • Jerod

    Hello, great job on seen btw, really enjoyed it even though the ending made me cry…
    Do you plan on adding more stories??
    Make one where Nicole gains her memory back?
    Or even a story that continues what happened to Nicole??

    Not rushing you or anything just wanna know.

  • Eliena

    Absolutely adore this game!! Can’t wait for the update! I can’t wait to show a few games I have already made with the world, and of course playing other people’s stories. Really exciting. This game is going somewhere 🙂

    • Mark

      I think that ending was good, to be honest. Sure, it’s sad. But you met her again, just like you met her the first time. And even though she doesn’t remember what happened, you do. And maybe you and her will be best friends again! Except this time, you won’t let time change you.

  • Daniel

    please translate the game into Spanish has no idea how many people want that translation (I include myself in this) about the game seems quite exceptional my congratulations to create a game worthy of a gion movie but you just fascinated me is amazing but Please we would love to translate the game into Spanish

  • Chi

    I absolutely loved the story. It felt so real, and the feelings from the characters felt so genuine. I am wondering if the story will continue, because I would like to see where the story goes from here. I am grateful for discovering Seen. Made my night.

    • Mark

      I’m sure you can post ideas here, but you can also review it on the Play Store. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind being tweeted too either, aha.

  • Mark

    I’m super excited for story maker! While the default story was incredible, I can’t wait to see what other people can cook up as well. People are so articulate and it’s insane to see an indie game like this have the potential to be so big, where literally anyone can write a story and share it with the world.
    I’ll play as many ads as I can to help support you guys, haha. Keep doing you!

  • Max

    Hello, i was trying to make a story with the “Seen” app. But when i start writting a msg it repeats the previous letters tapped, for example, when i wanna write “Hello” the msg says “HHeHelHellHello”, is there a way to fix this? Sorry to bother.

    The app is just what i was looking for

  • Janpier

    This game is amazing! I gotta be honest I was expecting a lame game when I first downloaded, but, holy Jesus!, this is one of the best games I’ve played, and in these days that’s a lot to say, I still have like a little weigh on my chest, amazing, I want more stories! Feed me stories! Congratulations!

  • Kevo

    Hey Dev OP, was trying to type a message for a character (not player) and when I was trying to type “hey” it bugs out when I type “he”, it does “HHe” and it was frustrating. I can no longer reproduce the bug because now that I uninstalled and reinstalled, I can’t make a new chapter when I try to add a new person because it crashes 100% of the time, please fix. 🙁

    • asdfghjkl

      ” I am planning to start developing the iOS port once I have the required resources and tools to do so. Thanks for your patience!”
      what dev said when i emailed 🙂

  • Michael

    You should keep up the good work and add on to the story for androids now I am a boy and I don’t cry at games or movies but this game made me burst into tears you should keep on doing what you’re doing and I think you should take everyone’s results and put them in a giant book

  • slade

    so i just finished the game and i can’t help but wonder if there is more than one ending. i mean except being a jerk which will probably end the game, i noticed choices that could result in player and nic staying friends but i left them for next tries; which brings me to: are the saves purchasable in the shop for the game or for the story maker?

  • Jamie

    You’re amazing! Thanks for creating such an immersive and emotional game! 🙂 … It really felt like I was friendzoned … “._. Lol. Keep doing your thing, I’m sure you’re going to continue to make great things and be successful ^^ I wish you all the best.

  • Mohamed irfan

    Please add chapter 6 in seen please dying for chapter 6.Nicole asks his father and mother about me and started feeling that we are already best friend.Please it should be a good ending.Not a sad ending like chapter 5.please make it fast plzzz.

  • Vladimir


    I want to let you know how much you moved me with your story… Please, please, please make a sequel to the story. I know it has an ending but I feel want to know what happens next.

    I really hope you do make a sequel. You all are so very talented. Thank you… thank you for making my month…

  • Ash BanksYT

    No just no……. I don’t believe someone else could make a story like “Seen” or Nicole Tyler whatever that’s story name. I can donate freaking 50$ BUT in change I want part 2! Because my frustrating life is boring and shit!

  • Bardock

    Fantastic game. Looking eagerly for the update. Will you please add a sequel to the Nicole story where she recovers her memories and there is another lesson to learn? That would be great. The ending was quite sad. Couldn’t get over it till now.

  • Chi

    I really do hope you consider continuing the story with Nicole. Noone knows her character more than you do. Sure, the ending made her character seem open to interpretation, but nobody will be able to capture the same feel. This particular story was well received. Sure, we are looking forward to reading the stories other people have to share, but we are all anticipating your story just as much.

    Again, thank you for such amazing work. Looking forward to reading and sharing more stories to come.

  • I'm a Piece of Pizza

    I was wondering if the next update will have a tutorial on how to make a chapter similar to the park chapter in the first story? Love the game btw, I’ve already written a bunch of stories. 🙂

  • Mahi

    You deserve my upmost respect. This game is so good and how one person developed it on a laptop is amazing. I really hope there is a continuation to the story and I really really willing to buy the new game. It’s hard to see that I lose her, regardless if you he outcome.

  • Izuku

    Hats off to you guys. Never thought a chat game would be that interesting and emotional. Looking forward to more chapters of Nicole story. It encouraged me to even try out annie96. Keep up the great work.

  • Suhas Thalanki

    Hi! I have a request. Please continue the story of Mark and Nicole I. E after they meet again after Nicole’s accident while both are in a college. Nicole contacts Mark regarding an interview and they become friends. That’s how it currently ends. Please add another chapter where Mark gets another chance! I really loved the game and hope it will continue!

  • Tsuka

    Hi polychromagames, i was wondering if there is a feature in Story Maker that allows us to make a chat outside, like in the park in the Seen story, thanks in advance for the answer

  • Brian Jay

    Hey man. I am a big fan of your seen app. I, myself, am into coding and I would love to collaborate or help you with your projects if you are willing to take me under your wing. All that aside I’m excited for your next update and all other future projects. I have never been so astonished by an app before. I’ve tried making a similar story telling conversation with simple string inputs and outputs before but not on an actual application. I also did not have such a great main story to go along with the program. If there is anyway to support your work you can count me in. Goodluck with everything, I look forward to your future releases.

  • JohnyGamerPT

    Will there be new stories added to Seen within the update or the “new stories” are only goi to be available through “Storie World”?

  • JohnyGamerPT

    Will there be new stories added to Seen within the update or the “new stories” are only going to be available through “Storie World”? I really love your game, so if you’re running out of funds why not try patreon, I think it would help. And keep doing the great work you’ve done so far.

  • Milanger

    i want to ask. In story maker when i create a chapter i can’t change my date and time, i keep clicking on them but still not working:( what should i do?

  • Burlum65

    I was unsure about the typo guard and what it did and I have yet to figure it out. Is there something that I’m missing or is it something that I have to discover on my own?

    • Manfred von Karma

      The human interactions are very realistic and the whole facebook messager makes it even better this is my favourite mobile game i salute you guys!!

  • Eli

    Dang it, late comment sorry but thank you I’m excited to see new features added to this app. I love everything about this sothanj you for all you’re hard work!

  • Gioele

    Wow I really really liked your game, did you write the story yourself ?
    You surely have a talent as a writer… A truly emotional rollercoaster.
    ( And nice idea as a coder, to build a platform instead of a simple game… )
    Well, I would be more than happy to try the new beta if possible ! 🙂

  • Long Lam

    Well, all I have to said is amazing. But this game is not on apple store. It’s suck, because next week I change my phone to Iphone 7 🙁 Really wanna play it on ios. If possible, I recommended you made it on apple store too…

  • Frostymart

    Will there will be a continuation of the old story? Like after Mark meets Nicole again. Well cheers to you for making such a great game, I got a little emotional in between when she said things about change. Someone said the same thing to me last year.

  • Asad

    Haha wow just downloaded the game five days before the update,thank God I don’t have to wait that long. Awesome game!!!!! Just wish it was a happier ending. Lol….

  • Phantom X

    Hello please is there a simpler way to make actions because I don’t know what a variable mean and I have a great story but is there any available tutorial for beginners like me 🙂 thanks you.

    • Ryan Coopezz

      Variable have NAME and VALUE. Example: NAME is Gun and VALUE is 3 Bullets. Now you have two messages, for example: First: Fire. Second: I dont have bullets. Now, you can ASK for this variable. IF VAR_EXIST: NAME: Gun. VALUE: 3 Bullets. Then Show Fire, Else Show I dont have bullets. Got it? 😀 OR, you can use VAR_CHECK, this check only NAME of your variable, the value is not important here 😀 Do you have Facebook? 😀 I can help you 😀

  • Luciano

    I need a second part of the “main story” with Nicole Tyler PLEASE. She’s so sweet and.. and.. that’s so beautiful for me. Please make a second part.

  • Mielle

    Hello. Just installed Seen 8 hours ago. After an hour of finishing the story, I was crying my eyes out. Nice story line. And I do hope that in the near future you’ll have different story lines to choose from. And for the flexibility of the character, I just wished that I was able to choose the gender of my character at the beginning of the game so that I could relate to it more. I kinda felt a slight disconnect since I am a girl, but the only character I am allowed to play was ‘Mark’ which apparently was a guy. 🙂 But still, great game. Thanks! Brought back memories.

  • Zeanna

    I got an update, but when I tried to register it said there’s an error. I tried to register again and this time it said that the account already exist. I tried to sign in, but there’s no password linked to my profile…. And when I tried ‘Password Recovery’ there was an error again…. Anyone else having troubles? Or have I missed the chance to get a beta?

  • Fountain Pens are Life

    I just discovered this game last night and I must that it’s well-done for an indie game made by one person. I love chapter 4 of the story. So wild and bizarre.
    The story maker is cool, very fun to mess around with.
    Question: how do i keep a “snack” on the top of the screen like it appears in the park scene of the story? I got it to appear for one piece of dialogue and then it was gone, which isn’t what I want.

  • Danielle

    Okay so, Seen v1.0.7 is out. Why does my emails won’t work in registering my account? I just updated Seen a while ago and my emails are clean. Why does it says “Account already exists”? I need help.

  • Pao

    I’m glad to have the new update! But I’m having problems with registering, I can’t. It says an error has ocurre. Check that!
    I also tried to create my own story but it was toops complicated for me. It’s a great app anyway and I’m dying to play more stories.

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Will Their story continue…I hope so I found the game today.and finished, I feel in love the characters. It was fun and new. I hope mark and Nicole’s story…..

    BTW if you make a part 2 of the the story please give a happy ending.

  • LucytheCactus

    I can’t register or log in, it says thare is an “error”. I can’t de the forgot password option, and when I register with a different account it says there is also an error but when I try it again it says the account is already being used, without me setting a password for it. What can I do?

  • Felype

    Hello !, these days I was on google play store and downloaded their “game” found it very cool and interesting more’m not very good in English and wanted you to translate Portuguese to Brazil, and gave me to play and others also await answers 🙂

  • Rivaldi Pratama

    I’ve try the update, why when i register i got error, and after reload again, the username have been taken.. And, when I change the uname, the account has been taken.. And always got that with other email..
    My email: [email protected]
    Uname: valvaldy

  • iris

    I like the concept of descriptions of chapters: for example, you can use them to give a one-scentence description of what happens between this and last chapter or it can be helpful to navigate between various chapters (if you replay an old chapter or something). But currently the player doesn’t get to read the description anywhere. I guess it belongs in the same menu that shows the in-game time and date?

  • Autumn

    The update wasn’t working efficiently.. My account wasn’t registered even if I used multiple emails and it kept on giving me the message “An error occurred” I even made sure everything was filled out correctly.

  • Benson

    It says I already have an account when I sign up. But I don’t know the password. Then why I go to recover it it says “an error occurred”.


    My game wont let me register, if anyone can help that would be cool. It keeps saying that my account is already taken and so is my author name is also taken.

  • MiniMoon

    Could you please fix the Story World Beta feature? This update is quite fun, but it’s not working at all. I can’t register my email to it. I’m hoping that you can fix it as soon as possible, because this feature is cool. 🙂

  • Tristan

    Hello developer your app is pretty amazing and the story is so great that makes me always wonder about Nic, i hope in the next update theres a sequel story of seen and one thing i just want to ask why i can’t change the date and time when creating a chapter? I hope you respond im creating a real life story about me and my girlfriend haha and i’m planning to submit it to you after i made it and i hope you’ll like it

  • jacob lee

    Hello polychroma,
    I just downloaded your game for the first time and i LOVED IT it is a sad story but i really want to see an OFFICAL part 2 to the story.

  • JH

    Hello, i’m just a regular player playing your game, but i got a fews problems with the game while i press ” Chapter 6 ” it crashed the game and i can’t open ” Chapter 6 ” is there any way to fix it?

  • Haleigh

    I can’t seem to figure out how to play the stories in Story World. I downloaded them but I don’t see where to play them. Help, please. Can anyone tell me what to do to be able to actually play the stories?

    • Polychroma Games Post author

      Go to the first tab of the main menu then tap the Play button at the bottom. From there, you’ll see a list of your downloaded stories. Hope it helps!

  • Furqan

    The app is perfect to play but it’s getting bored playing single story everytime. Can I have some stories related to the game can you send me the link to download the new one stories for these

  • Ben Nottelling

    How do you compile it? I’ll bet I can find a solution for you that’s free! Also from one dev to another there will probably be someone who will set something up for you free. Tell me what it’s compiled with and I’ll look for a solution 🙂
    btw I love this game

  • Louis

    If i may ask, when do you think you could approve this game to apple users aswell?, i’d like to try it out haha, my friend has been playin’ it and it sounds nice to try.

  • Devin

    As much as I love the update I’m wishing for the canon second half of the story. People have made their own but I wish to see the story from the creator for the real deal.

  • Nahum Smith

    Um. If i try to register my account on world beta the loading is so long like takes 500 years. Please, update it to a newer version and more stories please.

  • Sharifah

    oh heyy! I lovee your work so much! it’d soo cool btw! luvv it! btw i make a story(still not finished). I dunoo how to to do this but.. i try to make for example (me as the player i choose the choice B and i want to make the chat buddy to reply with choice B too but somehow the chat buddy reply by choice A. i kept trying to make the chat buddy to the choice B but i dunno how it kept fails can you tell me how to do it ?) thank youu it really mean so much to me